“Donna Smith helped me launch my first book. She organized a wonderful reading which brought me new readers who then took the time and energy to give me reviews for my book. There is no way to overestimate the importance of reviews for a new book. Her organizational skills are stellar and helped me cut through the web of "I would like," to "I absolutely need."  I cannot recommend her services enough. What I needed, when I needed it.”

— Elliott Baker, Author of ‘the Sun God’s Heir’ trilogy


"I just got it! You really like writing my stuff. You like talking to my slow-paying customers. You like organizing my schedule. You like balancing my checkbook. You like posting all my stuff on social media. I hate that #&*%! But you know what I need, you really do! That’s huge!"


"Donna at Organizing the Details has done it again! I was in quite a pickle: When I need to really remember something, I tell my receptionist: "Set a reminder in the calendar for..." Well, in the case of Administrative Professionals' Day, one can't exactly expect one's admin to say, "I'm here to remind you to acknowledge me." Enter Ms Smith. After I mentioned this problem to her, she sent me an email ahead of the day. She included a few suggestions about possible gifts to buy and actions to take. After setting a budget and me spending maybe 5-10 minutes describing my receptionist’s interests, Donna was on the case. She put together a thoughtful and creative package which was a big hit. The personal touches and attention to detail were great. The best part was how well Donna and OTD were able to take this task off my plate so I didn't have to worry. Thanks, guys!"

— nate swanson, newmarket dental


"I dreaded the weekly fights with my employees over time sheets. They were always late and I had other obligations. Now since working with you, problem solved. They’re in and done before noon every week."


“When my father’s mental and physical health began to decline rapidly, I hired Donna at Organizing the Details to take over his bookkeeping, bill payments, and organize his finances for tax preparation. She was so patient and caring with him. We are very glad Donna was there to keep his books in order which made it less stressful for us when he passed. Her attention to detail is not just the business name, but an apt description of her mission. The peace of mind Donna gave us through the last year or so of my father’s life was worth every penny.”

— Matt Randall


“Donna at Organizing the Details helped me put together spread sheets to track my prospects. Donna was timely, there when I needed her services and is a great value add. I highly recommend her for any business or sales professional.”

— Brad Dowding, loan consultant