Our Services

Think of us as your personal assistants. For whatever you need.

Want to remove whatever is getting in the way of increasing your revenue, of spending more of your time on meaningful or productive tasks, of reducing your outstanding receivables, of eliminating work-day stress?

We identify the problem, come up with a solution and then take care of the details for you. The bottom line is that when your business is doing well, you can relax.

Next time you’re complaining about a piece of the business you hate doing… call us. See our list of services below.



Small businesses

Medium-sized businesses with a few staff

Trades people

Single business owners

Start ups

Senior citizens or families of seniors

People experiencing difficult life transitions


No job is too small…

When a client asked us to take care of a difficult tenant, we helped write the letter.

She told us: "You are good. Really good. You captured the essence of this entire situation. I have so much respect for what you do."


office administration

Office administration

Quickbooks: Basic bookkeeping. To keep crunching the numbers off your plate, we minimize receivables, reduce expenses, help with budgeting, and provide monthly statements.

Data and records management: We digitize your paperwork with the latest in software solutions.

Project management: Need research pros to complete a large project? We keep digging until you have what you need.

Reports, white papers: We collect data and other information, then lay out your reports in clearly formatted, understandable language.


organizing / spacial services

Organizing and spacial services

Statistics show that the average person spends up to one-third of their time looking for things. We set up your office and facilitate efficiency. File. Store. Shred. Done.

Event Management

Event management

Strategizing, designing, logistics, promoting, and hosting. Following up with visitors with thank you cards. Your event will be a smashing success with us by your side.

time management

Time management

Let’s get your future goals on your calendar and make them happen. Spend a lot of time on the road? We’ll set up your appointments to make your life easier.

customer support

Customer support

Great customer service is the feather in the hat of all businesses. Answering queries and phone calls. Empathetic customer communication. Current and potential customers will feel they can trust you to pay close attention to the details.

communication / marketing / digital content

communication, marketing, digital content

Let’s share the passion that launched your business in the first place! Strengthen your brand and stand out from the crowd. Engage more with your customers. Build a sense of community.

Create content: We do copy writing, editing, website content, email newsletters, blogs, and social media posts.

Website optimization: You want your site to do what it’s supposed to: drive sales. We review your site to see where it needs improvement and make it happen. Don’t have a site? Let us get one up for you.

Promoting: Marketing your business alone can be a full-time job. We help with business cards and other branding material. Proofread, write and publish your brochures, manuals, event announcements, interviews, and articles for newspapers and magazines.

If you need new photography or graphic designs, we have many talented referral partners who can help.