Let your value shine

In any kind of business, your relationship with your client depends on your integrity. Integrity is alignment; the alignment of thoughts with feelings. It is respect for the thoughts and feelings of others. Our integrity means that what we say is what we do.

Organization is a service that requires compassion. It is more than putting stuff away. It’s more than cleaning up the space. Organization helps clear the mind of the fear that something will be forgotten, that something of value will be lost, that we have less value, or that others won’t see our value or the value of our product.

Organization is a gift of time, because information is easily found. It is the room to breathe, to relax and to create more gifts.

When we help someone organize, we are helping to uncover their value and showing them that in spite of their busyness, their value shines. Asking for help when it’s needed is a show of strength.

We are grateful to be asked.