We like writing


I had nearly forgotten just how much I enjoy writing until I started talking to New Hampshire seacoast resident and author Elliot Baker regularly.

Social media is the most popular of our service items. Consistent postings build readership and illustrate the personality of your company. It allows you to showcase your goods and services.

For one of our clients, Facebook “likes” have more than doubled and so did the number of their workshop participants.

Sometimes, a simple reminder about local events, a “thank a vet” reminder, or tips on how to soothe sore muscles after playing Weekend Warrior in the garden makes people call.

Post photos of happy customers, lead Tweeters to web site pages. It’s such fun, it hardly feels like work. I love it.

I have also done interviews for local magazines and papers. I did one for the Hampton Falls town magazine for a gentleman client. He said, “Spice it up a bit, but remember, I’ve got a wife!”

This is why I love what I do.

CommunicationDonna Smith