About Donna Smith

Photo by  Phil Chura

Photo by Phil Chura

I don’t mind being called a secretary, but I’m so much more…

I’ve had lots of titles over the years: Secretary, Gal Friday, Account Clerk I, II and III, Executive Assistant, the Voice of the Business, the Face of the Business… and my least favorite: “The Front Office.”

I might not be a size 2, but I am not a room.

The people who gave me those titles hid in their offices, out back. As their office manager, I had to know every division was functioning at peak, whether it was finance, insurance, production, design, quality control, or sales and marketing. If they were short-handed, I stepped in to help.

I worked for a law firm, a college, a lumber yard, and a manufacturing firm. I took many classes, workshops, and seminars to build on my business instincts: accounting, marketing, human resources, social media strategy, quality control procedures, technical manuals. I learned on the job.

Then I became an ENTREPRENEUR.

After that, my favorite title was Angel. That is how my logo was born.

A client of mine told my graphic artist that I was her angel and her hero, because I knew how to run her business, advertise her events, write her articles, and introduce her to the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce and other networking groups to broaden her connections. We strategized on how to grow her business and still give her time to be with family.

I launched Organizing the Details because that is my passion — organizing administrative, technical and social details for each of our clients. Clients with passion. Who have a fire inside for making this world a better place.


“Outcomes are about what you get. Processes are about what you do. Identity is about what you believe.” ~ James Clear

My quirks

  • Every day I check the weather, the day’s astrological influences, and planetary colors to optimize personal connections inside and out.

  • I love the nitty-gritty, the more in the weeds it is, the more I love to do the work

  • I often open my house up as a space of learning: meditation, Life Design, author’s readings, make-up parties, you name it.

My dreams

  • To write a book about all the incredible, resilient women in my life.

  • To offer meaningful work to women of varied complementary skills, and create a cohesive team of professionals to support businesses of all kinds and sizes. If you’d like to join the team, we’d like to hear from you.